Although most Recruiting companies charge between 20% - 40% of the new employee’s annual salary, we have decided on a different approach that won’t break your department budget, by charging a Flat Rate.  You will receive the same type of commitment and experience while saving you thousands in Recruitment costs.  
Not only is recruitment expensive, but it’s also very time-consuming.  Sifting through hundreds of resumes, or online applications to try to find the best candidates with the perfect skills can be overwhelming.  Here at ACS, ​we have dedicated Recruiters, Human Resources Professionals and Operational Administrators who have been working in their industry for multiple years.   We are very proud of our team, and they are why we have been branded as the “Talent Match Makers”. 

Another exciting service we have added for our clients is an affordable and innovative way to post their open positions across all Social Media outlets through ONE job board.  And this isn't just any job board.. this new platform is going to change how Recruiting will be done for companies big and small across the country.  It's inexpensive and even better, it works!  Please contact us for more information or watch our Facebook pages for job posting prices and specials.  

Please feel free to contact us at any time should you have any questions.  You may also see our pricing packages below.  

Recruiting Support Services 

-Recruiting - Full Cycle
-Social Media Recruiting 
-Social Media Branding / Campaign

-Post a Job on our National Job Board
-Human Resource Administration

-Processing new Applicants or New Hires

-Creation of Paperless Application Packet
-Office Support

-Recruiting Call Center
-Pre-employment Testing
-Reference Verification
-Staffing Coordination Services

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Recruiting Services: